As with any calamity that captures the hearts & minds of people everywhere, the disaster in Haiti hits home once again that there are truly great people in the world whose first call in life is to help their fellow man. Doctors Without Borders, international rescue workers, aid organizations, NGOs etc. all have my utmost respect for the truly noble work they do. Everyday, firefighters, doctors, paramedics and aid personnel do the same noble work in our cities and states, for which they too deserve the utmost respect and thanks.


There are a few guitarists who fill me with energy and life. These are indeed great guitarists, no, great ARTISTS
in my book, and I hope anyone reading this will give their music a listen if they haven't already done so. Maybe someday, fans will redefine "great" as not to mean someone on a stage playing as intricately or as fast as their fingers will move.

Jeff Healey was one of those players whom I could listen to over and over, and get goosebumps every time.
I really miss not having the chance to see him live, as he passed away a few months before the 2008
G-TARANAKI Festival we were scheduled to play.  RIP Jeff...

Eddie Van Halen has always done it for me, as well as Alan Holdsworth & Jeff Beck...

But of all the great rock that has passed through my speakers over the years, Bryan Adams' KEITH SCOTT'S
performance at NHK's Tokyo Hall reminds me of what "great" really means. I rarely get excited about guitar solos, but Keith Scott's playing throughout the NHK concert has to be one of the most raw and unabated performances I've ever heard, from ANY guitarist. His solo on "It's Only Love" took me to the stratosphere and leaves me with a pure joy that I can't describe. Keith, you speak to me and my hat is off to you.