Because of growing worldwide interest in Tim Donahue Harp Guitars, for 2013 we have adopted a reservation system that will allow us
to tailor each instrument to our customer's needs. Reservation customers can now choose their HG's finish, scale length and a growing
selection of options.  Best of all, the reservation system allows us to offer the lowest price ever, for a limited time, to reservation customers.


A.)  A limited production of (5) TD harp guitar 2013 models will begin in July, 2013. 

B.)   To reserve one of these 2013 models, reservations must be received before July 15, 2013. 

       Harp guitars reserved before July 15, 2013 will be offered at a
special base price of  $2,300 U.S. (options not included)

C.)  Estimated completion time:  3-4 months

D.)  Reservations made after July 15, 2013 will be custom-orders, with a
base price of  $3,000 U.S. (options not included)

E. )  Harp guitars in-stock (non-reserved harp guitars) will carry our
standard price of  $2,750 U.S. (options not included)

                                           2013 TD harp guitar models, finishes and options are listed here.


F.)  Harp guitars reserved before July 15, 2013 carry a base price of  $2,300 U.S. (options not included).

       To reserve a harp guitar, down payment of 1/2 the base price ($1,150 U.S.) must be received
before July 15, 2013.

G.)   Upon completion of a reserved instrument,
balance payment ($1,150 U.S. + option costs + shipping costs) must be received

         before the instrument will be shipped to the owner.

H.)  We can only accept payments via
bank wire transfer.

      Tim Donahue Harp Guitars bank account information sent upon each reservation request.

       Reservations for 2013 TD Harp Guitar models can be made via email.



before July 15, 2013)
Tim Donahue 6/6 Harp Guitar + Custom Hardshell Case:   BASE PRICE:   $2,300 US

IN-STOCK 2013 MODELS  (non-reserved)   
Tim Donahue 6/6 Harp Guitar + Custom Hardshell Case:   BASE PRICE:   $2,750 US

CUSTOM-ORDER 2013 MODELS  (reserved
after July 15, 2013)
Tim Donahue 6/6 Harp Guitar + Custom Hardshell Case:   BASE PRICE:   $3,000 US

DR HOOK installed on HG 2
DR HOOK installed with cable 2 email
DR. FRET version 2
DR. FRET promo
HG STOCK #1 back 2 email
TD HG Wine Red Stock email
TD HG Case email
                                    DR. HOOK:   $50.00 U.S.                                                                     DR. FRET:   $50.00 U.S.

HIGH-GLOSS LACQUER FINISH  (Black or Natural Mahogany):   $75.00 U.S.    
                                                                                     650mm Scale:   $75.00 U.S. 

WARRANTY  1-year conditional warranty to the original purchser

SHIPPING   International shipping by air, via EMS (insured, trackable)
                          Shipping cost will be quoted before reservation is confirmed

RESERVATIONS  Reservations can be made via email to:  Tim Donahue Signature Harp Guitars

via bank wire transfer only;  bank Information available at time of reservation

Oil Finishes:  Natural Mahogany / Wine Red / Green / Purple
6 harp / 6 fingerboard strings
Solid African Mahogany body/neck
Ebony fingerboard / headstock
Custom-made brass parts
Choice of fretted or fretless fingerboard
Choice of chrome or gold plated hardware
Gotoh custom adjustable-post tuners
Gotoh wide-travel Tune-O-Matic bridge
Jim Dunlop Jumbo frets
Medium Scale (630mm)
EMG active pickups
Laser-cut logo
HARDSHELL CASE:   Fender-style rectangular / form-fit
                                        Outer: Brown leather vinyl    Inner: Plush Gold
                                        Hardware: Gold 
                                        Handle: Leather
DVD Lessons:  A 2 DVD-set "Personal Lesson With Tim Donahue" is included with every TD harp guitar.
                            Lessons 1 & 2 total 3 hours long, and discuss aspects of Tim Donahue's HG setup and playing techniques.

    Thank you for your interest in Tim Donahue Signature Harp Guitars, the world's first electric harp guitar in production.
                       We are getting ready for our 3rd production run with some new options available on 2013 Models.
Starting from July 2013, Tim Donahue Signature Harp Guitars will only be produced on a reservation-only basis.  Because of this, we are happy to announce a sharp price discount
                                                   for 2013 reservation customers.
The deadline for making a reservation is July 15, 2013.
                                             See reservation & pricing details below.  

                Be sure to see our products page for our harp guitars, finishes and options.
                            Harp guitars in stock as of April 2013, can be found here.
                                  If you have a question that is not covered on this page,
                                     please see our faq page or feel free to contact us.